Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is a vast field, originating from ancient yogic traditions. It is an integrative approach to assist individuals to heal the mind, body, and spirit using a variety of yoga and ayurveda tools therapeutically.
Prenatal Yoga Course

Yoga therapy uses non-invasive, personalized, and holistic methods, implementing specific yoga asanas, breathing exercises, deep relaxation techniques, meditation, as well as diet and lifestyle changes to address health issues in a multi-dimensional way.

I deeply believe that only you can maintain your health, preventing and curing the dis-ease, rather than having a quick and temporary fix using medications or other alternative types of medicine. Without addressing the core of your illness in both physiological and psychological ways, it will resume itself again in one form or another. Yoga therapy works on deeper levels of your being, promoting balance in an integrated body-mind-spirit system.

Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Chronic Pain Management, Depression, Diabetes, Gout, Grief, High/Low Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Muscular-Skeletal problems, Obesity, Stress and other imbalances.


“You were really listening to me (and I talked a lot!) and incorporated all my ‘stuff’ into a concrete healing program. I am very impressed, and you researched all my questions, such as stevia vs. agava or honey. You really went the extra mile. And I think that you know how touched I was… that felt very sacred. I really sense your intuitiveness as you listened and worked with me.”

Sherrie Lea

“I am learning to love my body while doing this project with you. Thank you! Thank you for your encouragement, I am doing much better.”

Marina Valenzuela


“One of the most important aspects of our sessions was your perspective on my future and your encouragement to make small changes now that can be extremely important for my lifelong being. Furthermore, I appreciate your willingness to help me understand exactly why a treatment works and why I should stick with it. And I trust in your judgment and your advice in prioritizing my needs.”

Lauren Karcz

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